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Colors of Martha Stewart's new "Jade Flowers" Bedding Set

We have just purchased from Macy's the Martha Stewart bedding set called "Jade Flowers" (Stk#9PCJFKG618) and would like to match colors in that comforter for painting the bed room and bath room. Does Martha Stewart provide color matches for these bedding introductions?


Knowing Martha if she provided paint matches to her textile/bedding collection she would refer people to the paint color that would match and give room color combinations. Note on her paint swatch there is a small icon. The small icon with different types symbols are guides to creating color palettes. If you have four colors with the same icon, it is Martha's recommended color combination for your room. As with her textiles she does not specify a paint color that would match with your comforter. Really nice floral piece and here are a few colors I pulled. I looked at the Macy's website and analyzed the colors along with my paint swatches, please note I am not with you in person with your comforter. I used my color matching from my lap top using the Macy's site compared to the Macy's website along with my swatches at home. Many variables in selecting color, lighting, monitor, swatch can create a different interpretation of color in your home.

Below are suggestions that should guide you in the right direction. The icons do not match on these swatches, but note this selection for your comforter can also be used with coordinating color for your bathroom and room.

Martha Stewart Color Swatches

Dune MSL078

Chopstick MSL061

Lily Pad MSL108

Feldspar MSL131

Aurora Borealis MSL089

Before any commitment sample all color in the natural environment.

I hope this guides you in the right direction. Feedback is always welcomed.

Good luck.


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