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contrast stencil color for lemon chiffon

I have an old fashioned kitchen painted in lemon chiffon walls. I would like to make a border stencil around the edges of the walls in red or orange but I can't tell what would not clash with the lemon chiffon. Any suggestions?


Here are a few suggestions for your border stencil. These colors are in the orange shades which will compliment your color; however, since there is no live view of your kitchen walls, here is my best estimation of the type of shade or tint for your walls these colors can go with.

Benjamin Moore Colors

Tooty Fruity 089

Intense Peach 081

Flamingo Orange 075

Sansalito Sunset 074

Butterfly Wings 090

For your classic kitchen depending on your decor stick to the oranges. With too bold of a red, too much contrast may not go with your classic style. Simple and elegant with a punch of color (oranges) should compliment your style. A red will not compliment your lemon chiffon.

Hopefully these suggestions will work out. If you decide these oranges don't work, stay within the orange family.

Please note, from monitor to paint swatch to live color in your home there will be slight variations. My Perfect Color recommends sampling all colors before any decision is made.

Good luck.


Thank you! I am planning on painting the bottom cabinets in B.M's Mysterious. The upper cabinets are ultra white. I am going to get samples of your colors today.

Your very welcome. Please let me know how your oranges sampled. If you need further help we can play around with more shades or tints.



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