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living room and diner rrom

What the best color I can use to paint my living room e my diner room

Match of Sherwin Williams™ SW6510 Loyal Blue * Match of Sherwin Williams™ SW6510 Loyal Blue *


Thanks so much for including the photos with your question! That really helps me to suggest colors for you. I would be happy to suggest a few paint color ideas for you. I see that you have a lot of peach/pink in the rooms, with some sage green accents (and a bit of blue.) With your beautiful fireplace, and nicely trimmed windows, you have a few options. Be sure to sample the colors you're considering, before committing to any color, as each color reacts differently due to light and other items in the room.

If you're changing the wall color, you may find that the window curtains will need to be changed, as well -- but you can decide that once you sample the paints.

Here are a few ideas for you:

Benjamin Moore Soft Fern 2144-40

Match of Sherwin Williams Sprout

Match of Sherwin Williams Open Air

Match of Sherwin Williams Crescent Moon

Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige HC-93

Hope this is helpful! If you would like suggestions for darker colors, or have a particular color in mind, please reply and I can give you more suggestions.

Thank you,

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