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need help

i have cramberry on my accent wall what over color go the best with it . it in be bedroom which color would go good on the celling and over walls the room is 400 sq ft plus a 400 sq ft living room area


I have a question to ask about the cranberry painted wall. Is this wall an entry way into your apartment? If so can you take a picture of the entire wall with window and door. Also, accent walls are focal points of a room. Do you want your focal point to be at the entry? I see a wonderful opportunity in your middle picture to make the front end of your living room as the focal point. Considering the view of all of your windows those areas need to have more emphasis not the entry way. For now I will wait for your response to get the feed back I need to help you.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


Please note I will respond within 24 hours after your next query.

this is not an apartment this is my master bedroom...the painted wall and the glass door are going out to the pool. and the other window face the back yard picture 016 is of the double door coming to the front room area and behine the camera is the bed room part. picture 006 is of the accent wall not paint. I want the room when a woman walk in he go's but for real thanks

For the back entry wall to the pool area do you want painted cranberry for the wall? Do you want to stay with this color for a color scheme? What colors do you have in mind? What type of furniture are you going to buy?

I was thinking a light beige i'm not sure thats why I'm asking for help..I just dont want white. what colors would you think.. just would like the room the be sexy at night and pleasent in the morning....I"m open for suggestions. I was thinking the hold room cramberry and the celling light beige white bassboard and window siles. and the floor a dark hi shine santoes mahoganhy.
The bed will be on a one step up pedestal in the miiddle of the room. with white throw rugs. I'm trying to carry the color throughs-out the two rooms. chandeilier in the bed room and a long with the recrss llighting in the celling. light in eash corner of the room and ten light in the rest of the celling and two lights built in to pedestasl in each of the entry of the room


I have a color combination would work best in your bedroom. I highly recommend you get rid of the existing cranberry on your wall because the colors given are meant to coordinate together.

Since you get a lot of natural and artificial light the berry fizz color will compliment morning and evening light creating the mood you want to create.
Also, for the ceiling a calm nurturing beige will ground the space creating a cozy feeling. As for the other areas the berry fizz will be the main bed area and anything separate from the main bed area, a lighter tint in the same color family will be used to create a smooth flow of energy or you can go with the velvet plum instead. As for your ceiling beam a dark color would balance out the berry fizz on your walls grounding the space making it cozier. These colors are very cozy and romantic. The majority of women would definitely agree with this color palette.

If you like this selection, here is the recommended way to paint.

Bed Area: Benjamin Moore Berry Fizz CSP-440

Ceiling Beam: Benjamin Moore Velvet Plum CSP-420

Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore Lost Locket CSP-410 or you can try Quietly Velvet CSP-415 depending on your preference for contrast.

Also for other areas of your space that are not aside your bed. This color is in the same family of this color palette. Should even out the flow of space.

Raspberry Glace CSP-40 or you can use velvet plum in the other areas not near your bedroom area.

Or you can use a contrasting color like Quietly Velvet for your other remaining walls.

As for the trim don't go with a bright paint contractor's white.

Go with a Dove Wing White OC-17

As a reminder please note your lighting conditions and monitor swatches can create slight color variations in your home versus virtual. If you decide to commit to a color sample first and then commit.

Good luck on your project. Post any after pictures.



here a lay out of my room

can you please tell me what paint go.s were I'll let you know if the girsl lock the door behine them. lol

Did you try to attach a lay out of your room (floor plan)? Going by the pictures you have, I was trying to explain where the colors go in the previous post. I know it can be confusing at times, so I will try again.

Benjamin Moore Colors

The picture to the left Velvet Plum CSP-420 for the wall recommended. With lighting conditions and shape of room you can always try these colors as well.

Velvet Plum CSP-420, or Raspberry Glace CSP-40, or Berry Fizz CSP-440

It is recommended you sample each for that wall to see how it coordinates with the width and length of your room. Since I do not have a floor plan to go by.

The middle picture;

Paint the ceiling beam Benjamin Moore Velvet Plum CSP-40

The ceiling depending on what type of contrast you can go with these two colors.

Lost Locket CSP-410
Quietly Velvet CSP-415

For the Right Picture

Go with the Berry FIzz CSP-440 walls.

As for the window trims and sills do not use a contractor's white.
Instead use this color;

960 Dove Wing

I hope I clarified everything. Does this make sense now? In the previous post there are links to all of these colors under Chocolate Rose #3 color scheme. Check it out, it has all of the details of the color palette. As for the Dove Wing, a link was in the previous post as well along with color Chocolate Rose #3 palette.

Sample all colors before you commit to anything because of lighting and other environmental conditions. Paint swatch to monitor can vary. Paint poster boards and prop them on your walls to get a feeling of the mood you want to create and to get a feeling of balance. Move around poster boards in your room to see if the sequence of color balances out After all is done and your satisfied paint.

Above are the recommendations listed for the sequences described. If they don't work out just move your poster boards around until you feel the right vibe
with the balance of color.

I hope this clarified with what I was trying to say.



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hi I did send you a lay out of my room did you get it


here some photos there safe bathroom and power area landry room little bar area and closet and the double door coming in to the room with a big wall on the right

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