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Need new look

Our salon needs a make over without calling Tabitha! The yellow and green just arent doing it for us. Our stations are black. So I need a good color combo any advice on how we can make this look up to date?


I'd love to help you find the perfect colors. I have a few color combos in mind, just looking at the photos. I'll include them below, but can you also tell me the vibe you're going for? And if you have any concerns about light or specific colors you want to avoid?

Looking at the photos, I can see that there might be an opportunity to use an accent color in the waiting area (will the burgundy chairs be staying?) So I'll give you an overall color, a trim color, and then an accent color that you might use.

I've created the color ideas as actual schemes for you, so you can visualize them together. How each color is used is up to you, but I envisioned for each scheme that the lighter color is your main color, the dark neutral is the trim, and the bolder or richer color is the accent.

Salon Scheme #1

Salon Scheme #2

Salon Scheme #3

Salon Scheme #4

I hope this helps! You can also choose a lighter trim, but with the dramatic accents, I chose dark trim colors specifically.


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