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Peach Tea

Can you tell me what ceiling color will match my peach tea color in my kitchen n dining?

Match of Valspar™ 3002-3C Peach Tea * Match of Valspar™ 3002-3C Peach Tea *

The recommended color would be to use a tinted a peach on your ceiling. The reason behind it is because if you put the same exact shade and color on your ceiling as your other rooms it would be too top heavy and not have an even flow of balance. It is key to create balance in a space which in turn is more pleasing to the eye. The peach color is very warm and inviting, nice color. However, for the ceiling there needs to be a tint of peach not the same shade on the ceiling.

Recommended colors are from Benjamin Moore that are more in the tinted peach/yellow families. Very light and airy colors and not bold. Here are some choices to check out.

Benjamin Moore

Apricot Ice 2015-70
White Vanilla 2017-70
Cancun Sand 2016-70

Please note lighting conditions and other environmental variations influence how color is seen. I always recommend you buy paint samples and paint poster boards and hang them up on the wall for several days. We are having a paint sample sale which will help with the color selection process. Color is very complex.

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