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Ski Chalet Color Help

I'm looking for suggestions on colors to paint the open interior living area of a ski chalet. I am posting pictures which are from the original real estate listing, so these are previous owner's furnishings. I will be furnishing with brown leather upholstery and natural oak. Unfortunately I'm going to live with the reddish toned berber carpet and merlot red counter tops for now. I'd like a color scheme (paint for walls and accent colors) that work with the natural wood ceiling and trim, dark brown leather and reds that would create a more warm and cozy atmosphere than the current off white color. Thinking about maybe an acceent wall on the chimney enclosure. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


Love your ski chalet! I can suggest a few color schemes that could work in your chalet. The schemes have a light neutral, and other accent colors that can be used for a wall, or accessorizing. Once you have a chance to sample the paint colors you like, you can decide which color would go where.

Here are a few schemes to try:

Color Scheme Gentle Flame

Color Scheme Seascape

Color Scheme Handcrated

You can also browse color schemes under the Tab "Shop and Explore Color," then Color Combinations, or view more schemes under the Designer's Corner for each designer, and in the Designer's Blog (I have several schemes with each blog post.)

Hope this brings you closer to finding the perfect scheme for your chalet.


Hi Diana,
Thanks for the ideas, I love the name gentle flame as it conjures images of a snowy winter night by the fire. I also like the way these colors all look together. In my case it seems that I would be covering the bold colors of tamarind and rustique with furniture and floor coverings. Therefore is a neutral the best way to go on the walls? I love the richness of weimaraner, but would that be too much and does it work with the pine woodwork wich is also present on the ceilings and wainscoting? Perhaps more of a beige like hush on the walls with Weimaraner as an accent wall around the chimney enclosure? I'm full of questions....your thoughts are a great help!

Hi and thank you! The Gentle Flame scheme was my first choice for the room, too. Yes, I agree with how you are describing the use of the colors. I would use the neutrals for the walls, and the Weimaraner for the accent. Once you test the colors, you can adjust as needed. Weimaraner should look great with the pine, as it will cut down on the yellow of all the wood in the room.

Please let me know if you have more questions -- I'm happy to answer them. Would love to see the 'after' photos when you've decided on the scheme.


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