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Bathroom color

I'm redoing my average-size bathroom with a tile that is essentially white with cream streaks and a border of mosaic glass in iridescent blue, green, and teal (link to glass below.) Tile goes halfway up wall. I'm thinking of a wall color in the teal family--maybe BM "Spa Day" or "In the Tropics" but wondering if they are a bit dark. Any other suggestions in the teal green/blue family? I am trying to lean more towards blue than green as the tile I'm ripping out is retro sea green from the '30s and want a change!
Note, the colors in the actual mosaic are much more vibrant and iridescent than appears in this image.

Addendum: I'd also consider a blue but leery of it looking too baby blue. I got so overwhelmed with blue choices, that's when I started thinking about teal...!

This is the wall tile (brighter than this image looks.)

First let me say that your bathroom project and tile choice is just gorgeous! Love the tiles, and the colors. Yes, the Spa Day and In the Tropics may be a bit dark. You can always order a sample of them, to be sure, of course.

Here are similar colors with that same feeling, but a bit less intense. I'm looking at the photo of your glass tile, and it definitely has a blue, but it is slightly teal. So I'm basing the colors on that one color I think you're also focusing on in the tiles. Sampling is really the best way to know, once the tile is on the wall, if the color will be perfect. I've also included a few colors that might be a bit more green, but may work with the tile as well.

Benjamin Moore Peacock Feathers 724

Benjamin Moore Sonoma Skies 737

Match of Rodda Paint Lambkin

Benjamin Moore Antique Glass CSP-695

Hope this is helpful! Please feel free to ask follow up questions, and post photos of your 'after' project!


Thanks for your responses Diana. These are all good suggestions--unfortunately I have hit a bit of a hitch as it turns out when we went to order the wall tile, it was unavailable! So we've been scrambling to find a different tile and have now settled on a blue tile, which changes everything. Now I am looking for a very light blue/green as I'm afraid painting the walls a dark color with the blue tile will be overpoweringly blue!

this is the new, DEFINITE tile (bought and paid for!) I will definitely be ordering some sample paint as soon as I can narrow it down to two or three colors! I am thinking maybe BM "Barely Teal" or "Clear Skies" or "Morning Sky Blue" or...there are so many pale blues!

wall tile

The new tile is beautiful! I agree about keeping things light in there.

Benjamin Moore Clear Skies is a great choice to sample! You have a great eye for color. Looking at the fan deck in front of me, the darker colors on that strip are very close to the tile photo you've posted. So that could be an excellent choice.

Benjamin Moore Morning Sky Blue and Barley Teal are also good to consider, though the former may be a bit gray, and the latter a bit green. But you'll only know that once the tile is sitting in the room with the lighting. If you're going to choose the paint color before the tile is applied, be sure to hold them up on the wall as the light will hit them, as it can change how they appear.

You could also sample Benjamin Moore Innocence if you can't quite get the right look with the other colors.

Hope this is helpful in your search. Looking forward to seeing the 'after' photos of the bath.


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