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Color for my small galley kitchen

I am looking for a color for my kitchen which is very small, I have ivory appliances and light oak cabinets (which I have no problem painting or staining if there is an easy way). I have light brown and cream ceramic back-splash.
I was thinking a yellow, but I do not want it to blind me! I have had bamboo, tans and burgundy (which made it dreary) in the past and really do not want to go that direction again. Baby blue is not an option either as I just redid my bathroom in that color....


Happy to help! Thank you so much for the info about your past colors in the kitchen.

I can suggest a few colors that would give you a yellow look, without being blindingly yellow. If you do decide to take on staining the cabinets, a darker color would make a difference in there. White painted cabinets also give you more options, color-wise. Staining and painting cabinets is a big project, so perhaps I can help you find the right wall color in the meantime. The colors may appear different on your monitor, so do plan to sample the colors before committing.

Benjamin Moore Ray of Light CSP-910

Benjamin Moore Luminaire 374

Benjamin Moore Woven Jacquard 254

And a green that may work nicely:
Benjamin Moore Lime Sherbet CSP-845

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your help, as I looked at the colors they all looked the same! I will take your advice and get samples, do they have different base colors?
I also saw a color called chartreuse, but unsure if I wanted to go that direction, I just need my kitchen BRIGHTER since it is a small galley kitchen.

I did refinish my bathroom cabinet and it was very time consuming but looks absolutely gorgeous. If I did a stain on the kitchen what color would you recommend?

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