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Need a complimentary color to go with cherry cabinets and canteberry quartz countertops. Any suggestions?

Use a sage green. No forest green. I am assuming there must be some neutral colors in the granite counter top with specs of red if so I would go with an earth green muted or a sage green. Don't let the brightness or the intensity of green making it equal with the red. Let the cherry pop forward and let the green be the back drop. The green should pull out some of the earthy beige from the counter tops.

I hope this helps. I am going by my assumptions. If I could see what you have I would be able to give you a better answer.

A sage green is a great suggestion from mkalpos. Here is a paint color that you may want to sample, in the sage green family: Benjamin Moore Mosaic Glass

With the rich neutrals in the Canterbury Quartz countertop, you have a lot of options. Do you have a color in mind? Or something in the room that needs to be matched?


Hi Diana,

Good point about other color options. It really depends on the client with what color they want. Also I would like to suggest a blue. A muddied blue not a pure sky blue. Benjamin Moore historical colors have a lot of good blues would work well for this kitchen. Keeping the traditional feeling. Depending what the kitchen owner wants.

Dianna are you a color consultant? Currently I am in training. Thank you for the good feedback on my suggestion. We can both learn a lot from each other.


Thanks for suggestions. I actually was looking at colors in the "gold/yellow" family. Right now Im thinking Benjamin Moore..Goldfinch or Dorset Gold. What do you think?


I would go with a goldfinch. The dorest gold might over power your kitchen with the quartz counter top. It would be like too much of the beige/orange/brown. Another option would be to go with Valley View 214 Ben Moore. Or HC-11 Marble Head Gold Ben Moore. I highly recommend the Marble Head. If you do not prefer the suggestions go with the goldfinch.


Thanks...on my way to paint store to check out your suggestions. I also thought that Dorset Gold is too strong for my kitchen...thanks


By the way be sure to buy the small sample cans of color from Ben Moore and test the colors. Paint on poster boards and prop on your wall. You have to consider interior lighting and lighting during the times of the day to get the right color to match. I would try all colors painted on poster boards. Be patient it may take a day or two to select the right color.

I hope this helps with your color selections.


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