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exterior color combinations

does anyone have a source or suggestion of a color scheme for the exterior trim and cedar shake for my new home considering the window color from marvin is picked out and it is wineberry. I'm looking at a standard three color scheme but would entertain suggestions.

First off, a few questions for you.
What style home? How many stories? Think of the siding as the as the canvas and the trim and accent colors the images.
Has the cedar siding been painted or stained? The difference is pretty major as far as color options for paint greatly exceed stain.
Do you favor bold or more subtle colors?



The home is a custom stick built home in the catskill mountains of ny. It has exterior and interior timber frame beams and trusses. I have not picked out a "stain". There will be a stone"cultured" element as well. 2 stories with a walk out basement. the house is on a slope overlooking mountains. I'm thinking darker brown stain on the shake. Pre dipped? maybe. Was looking for a third color. Thank you very much for your reply!!!

Hi Rob , My thoughts are-since the Wineberry is a bold color what I suggest going with a nice neutral for your trim if you want to go w/ 3 colors. I like the Saybrook Sage(BM HC-113) or any similar shade that's to your liking. If there's doors to be painted your paint store should be able to match up the window color for you because Marvin bases their colors off of Benjamin Moore's palate. Since there's going to be stone or earth tones involved I would go w/ a darker stain. Darker stains generally weather/hold up well and if you take the time to predip them it will pay off with the shingles being fully protected. Also, make sure that you maintain the siding, do a 2x year inspection and fix/repair trouble spots when you see them. I have seen shingles that are well maintained reach 70-80 years.

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