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white with cream

I'd like to go as pure white as possible on my living room walls but I have cream-colored/ivory upholstered furniture and oak floors that have an orange-y cast. Can you help me choose a soft white that won't make my upholstery look dingy?


Thanks so much for the photo, it's so helpful for answering questions on paint color.

I understand the dilemma completely -- there is quite a bit of white in the room now, and the floors will reflect onto the white walls and furniture. I can suggest a few white paint colors to sample in the room, to see if they will work with your furniture and flooring.

If you'd like to explore a pale neutral on the wall, I can also suggest a few that could work with what you have in the living room now.

Here are those white paint colors to sample:

Benjamin Moore Brilliant White

Benjamin Moore Decorator's White 04

Benjamin Moore Super White 02

Thank you for your question,

I so appreciate your suggestions! I am surprised that such WHITE whites would work. I am curious about whether they have a certain undertone in common that makes them effective. What finish --- eggshell, flat ...? What color trim would you suggest? I am really picking your brains here, aren't I? I'm pretty committed to white but I would be interested to know your pale neutral recommendations.
Thank you.

I would definitely use an eggshell finish for the walls. A flat white, with the pale upholstered furniture, might look look chalky. From looking at the photo, if you chose one of the white colors for the wall, I would probably just use the same color but in a semigloss for the trim. The undertones are what you'll be looking for when you sample the white colors with your furnishings, and the light in the room. I tried to choose the purest whites I could find, to work with the cream furniture.

I think that it could be gorgeous, too, with a pale neutral with white trim. This could really set off the cream upholstery and flooring. Here are a few ideas to consider for a pale neutral wall color.

Benjamin Moore White Sand OC-10

Benjamin Moore Cedar Key OC-16

Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker OC-1

I hope this helps! Thank you again for your questions, that's what I'm here for.


This makes the choice much clearer for me. Thank you ever so much!

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