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Wood accents color help

Need a matching brown wood color for stairway, kitchen cabinets and fireplace. While house is hopsack with white trim. Want to get a town tile as well down stairs


Are you looking for a wood stain color, or a wood-colored paint?


Thank you for replying, I think a paint. Since I've Been hearing paint can look pretty good and a lot less work! I want to keep everythin warm. So trying to come up with browns that look good together. The fireplace can be lighter than the paint on staircase and cabinets. I just don't know how to match browns and can seem to get the whole picture. So far, I have samples of cofee bean and expresso .. They both look ok. But wondering what your professional opinion is :) I am going to look at brownish tile this weekend, don't know if hopsack was the right neutral color to go with but, the whole house is now painted in hopsack by valspar :) Decorating is not my thing!!! I plan to bring out the browns with drapes but dont know how to find the right browns that just look good together!! :) thank you for your help!!

Hello again,

I think that the Valspar Hopsack is a wonderful neutral choice for your home! You can easily bring brown in to match that color - the key of course is finding the right brown. :)

I wasn't sure which brand of Coffee Bean and Espresso you were considering, but I assumed it was Benjamin Moore? I can give you a few color suggestions to sample, in a brown that could work with Hopsack. For the fireplace, I would choose the cabinet/stair brown first, then ask to have it formulated slightly lighter -or- you can choose the next color up on the paint strip. When you order from MyPerfectColor, you can choose a lighter formulation of the paint samples and full cans, when you check out. It could be difficult to match different browns, as each one can be more red, or green, or gray. The browns I'll suggest below, I consider to be pretty straight-forward and beautiful brown colors, not too anything.

In regard to matching everything, and pulling it together. Once you chose a tile, it'll be easier to choose a paint color. Tile colors are limited, and there are many brown color paints to choose from. So I'd probably choose tile first, with a sample of Hopsack in my hand.

For the drapes, I would probably lean toward bringing in another accent color with the brown. Not sure if you're considering a print drape, or even a color block with a brown block of color on the bottom. Depending on your furnishings and accessories, the drapes can bring in a warm gold, or a rust color, as well.

Here are some nice clear browns that you can sample, or use for inspiration:

Benjamin Moore Espresso Bark CSP-390

Benjamin Moore Hasbrouck Brown HC-71

Benjamin Moore Barrista AF-175

Hope all of this is helpful to you!


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