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School Cafeteria

I painted our K - 12 school cafeteria the calming colors of Northern Green, Chamois, and Bleu Passe. Each wall is a color. One wall is a stone wall. We also used Sicilian Umber on the support poles. Our chairs are maroon (school color). What would be a great accent color to use on a three small areas? I have been trying to come up with it and have not been successful. Please advise! Thank you!

Thank you for your question! I love solving color mysteries like this. I do have a few ideas for you, to accent the three small areas.

Without knowing exactly how the areas correspond with the rest of the cafeteria, my first thought is to use one of the wall colors for each area, if possible. If one area is near the Bleu Passe area, then Chamois or Northern Green, and so on. Would this work?

I would also consider using the school color as an accent, to tie in with the chairs, unless the three areas are quite dark.

Barring those ideas, and in keeping with the calm color scheme, I would also suggest a lighter or deeper version of one of your three walls -- to tie in the three areas and keep things calm.

Here are a few ideas in that vein, for accent colors to give you an idea of the look:

Match of Pratt and Lambert Airy Blue

Match of Pratt and Lambert Raffia

Match of Pratt and Lambert Serene Green

Hope this is helpful, and can inspire some new ideas for the cafeteria!


Thanks Diana! I will take your ideas to school and think it through! It may be a good ideas to just use the color that is not there. Each wall is separated by a corner piece... so my yellow tone is next to the green tone. So, I could use the blue that is on a different wall between those. I will head to school and 'see' it. I would love to use a lighter tone of the maroon without it looking pink. hmmm? I also like your Raffia choice... Thank you so much for your time! I so appreciate it!

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