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Painting help

Previous owner painted wall in Benjamin Moore China white and rugs are Monterey White. Foyer Tile is a combination of what looks like Elmire White/White Sand/Sailcloth and Lambskin. Replacing rug in one room with woodflooring. Am partial to warm French Vanilla like colors, but can't do that with these greys. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

I'm using these colors as examples - we want to repaint all the walls and yet... don't know what will go well with the carpeted space until we can re-do those floors as well. The whole apartment is dingy because of these greys....


Thanks for the extra info. I think that you can go warmer with the walls, even though the carpet has some gray to it, if you keep to light neutrals. The last thing you'd want to do is bring more gray into the room with paint undertones.

Here are a few paint colors to sample in the room. If you have flooring with a gray cast, it can make the walls feel even grayer, so you'll probably want to have a definitive neutral color on the walls, rather than a plain white.

Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream OC-96

Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk OC-8

Benjamin Moore Winds Breath OC- 24

It really will come down to sampling the colors in the room, to see how they work with the color reflecting from the flooring, but these colors should give you a head start on that.


Although I understand why you chose these, I was hoping to get a little more color going. The flow is living room, which we are re-doing in wood and replacing the wall color. I was hoping I could use the French Vanilla or a lighter shade of that type, moving into the foyer and bathrooms with the tiles with something more interesting than the neutrals - would there be a green or blue I could use? Then the interior 2 bedrooms with the carpet, I would just paint, but your suggestions seem still too grey (to my eye). Any other ideas - I am so frustrated that someone would use these colors in an apartment where they are clearly so grey, not neutral and not warm. Thanks for any other ideas.

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