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Exterior color to match red cedar

I am looking for paint exterior colors that would match up with cedar shingle accents. I recently also stained our porch floor a red cedar color.

I'd be happy to suggest paint colors for you to sample. If possible, could you upload a photo of your home? Or can you tell me what types of colors you had in mind, or have ruled out. Oh, and are you looking for something lighter or darker, or no preference?


Thanks Diana :)
My preference for color would be a gray green lighter color , or some sort of tan or beige. To give the setting of the house. It's situated rather strangely in that the "front" door faces the side of the house . Thus, the long deck to the side. We recently have added cedar to the front of the house to make accents. You can tell in the pics. The cedar is not stained or protected yet.

The color on the house currently is to pastel green for my taste. And I don't like the red accents.

Thanks for your help! Lynnea

I can't seem to get the add images button to work

I figured out I can add the images from Ipad. Here are the images. Also I forgot to mention that this is not a "neighborhood". Also the house is on lake property.

still trying to add an image...

trying again. it says my image is ready to be uploaded after i submit comment. but then when i hit the comment button it doesn't seem to want to upload

I'm sorry for the photo upload issues. I'd be happy to make a few suggestions, based on your comments, if the photos are not working.

I think that your preference for the lighter neutral colors is perfect with your current colors, and the layout of the home. Here are a few light neutrals that you can sample with your cedar colors on the home:

Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray HC-111

Benjamin Moore Titanium 2141-60

Benjamin Moore Gray Mirage 2142-50

Benjamin Moore Abingdon Putty HC-99

I hope this is helpful to you!


one more attempt at an upload :)
thanks for the paint colors!

it finally worked!
when we bought the house the porch here was painted, so we continued to paint the hand rails. we are looking into replacing the hand rails and putting in iron bars for the cross bars.

the deck on the downstairs level is a couple shades lighter in color on the stain, and the railings are stained and not painted.

i was wondering if you had any other suggestions since I have been able to upload images. Such as possible trim and what to do with the cedar..

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