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Pilgrim Red

Curious as to what you would suggest for contrasting colours for Pilgrim Red. We have a farm with Black fencing, and would like to have the it tie in with Pilgrim Red, or a version of this (Someone gave us 6 gallons!) Is there a way to brighten this colour up with out it looing pinky?

I'd love to suggest a few colors for you to work with Pilgrim Red. Can you please reply to let me know what brand of paint this is?

Also, when you mention "brighten" the color, are you asking about using another paint color near the Pilgrim Red, or actually trying to lighten the paint itself?

Thanks so much,

Thank you Diana for such a promt response! The freebies came to us in a stain, (Benjamin Moore, starts with the letter A...... I believe...... sorry here at work so do not have the can infront of me) We will use to give the barns a fresh new look and will have to purchase some additional stain to complete the barns and also paint as the house has aluminum siding......
We currenltly have Weinameyer (SP?) in a BM Paint and stain on the various outbuildings and our home. We have painted the window frames BLACK and would like to keep this, as we have several 5 gallon pails of the black.
I would like to know if I was to have them add yellow, or white, or ??? if we could brighten it up a tad. I just think next to the black it will be rather dark.......
Your thoughts?

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