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Old House with Plaster Walls

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

We live in an old house with lath and plaster walls.

The walls are in reasonable repair. I don’t mind a bit of imperfection as this is after all, a century plus farmhouse.

We sanded and did some minor repairs and then we covered the walls, ceiling and wood trim with Zinser 123 primer and let that dry for 24 hours.

We then selected Aura semi gloss (I think the semi gloss is part of our problem…too much sheen on non-perfect walls) and rolled it with a 10 mm roller.

After applying the first coat, we noticed almost immediately that some spots had much more sheen than others.

After another 24 hours we did a second coat on one of the walls. It came out the same.

Our painting coach (where we got the paint) suggested we let the paint “set” for 72 hours and suggested it might spread out more. I personally doubt that. Almost 2 full days later, we see no movement.

We now feel in spite of the fact that we prefer shine to dull and don’t mind seeing the odd imperfection, that our walls are not overall smooth enough for the semi gloss and that we should have chosen aura in an eggshell.

We are of the understanding that we will now have to give a light sand and change the paint.

Or can one go back a few days later and touch up just the less shiny spots to get rid of this problem. Again, we are aware we will see some of the aged walls flaws but we wanted an even sheen.

Or should we do the sand and repaint everything in the eggshell finish?

What do you suggest?

Thank you,

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