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What colour to paint trim, baseboard and crown.

I wanted to paint my Living room Yellow Ochre (Dulux Heritage colours) UK. I was afraid it would be too dark for me, I have painted it Martha Stewarts Cornbread, although I like the Colour, I feel no impact, If that is the right word.I was thinking of trying BM's Ochre 1048? any advice pleasr

Hello. Thanks so much for the photos -- it's very helpful.

Yes, I completely understand what you mean about impact. The cornbread looks beautiful in the room, but if you were considering Benjamin Moore Ochre, then I can see that you want a bit more drama. The Benjamin Moore Ochre has a bit of green to it, and could be too dark in there with your fireplace. Sampling the color would be helpful before committing to it.

I'd like to suggest a few more colors to consider sampling, that could work in your living room.

Benjamin Moore Goldent Tan 2152-40

Benjamin Moore Sulfur Yellow 2151-40

I hope this is helpful to you!


PS- I wanted to be sure I answered your question correctly. I notice that your question title mentions trim, baseboard, and crown. Please let me know what type of color you'd like for those items, and I can suggest them to go with the Cornbread, or if you chose another wall color.

Thank you,

Thank you Diana, I will try the colours that you have mentioned. My house has stained wood trim throughout, it was a big deal for me to paint the trim in that room White, I was looking to make a change, I still cant get used to the white trim (including bookcases) I just feel that it is all wrong!. I am determined to find the right shade of Yellow/gold (Historical colour) and then, do you think that maybe the trim should be a different shade?. I am not against White trim,I am not sure if it too bright against the yellow walls. Thanks again for your suggestions .

I admit I'm a huge fan of white trim in a room with a gorgeous wood mantel like that. I think if you find the right gold color, that the white would work well. When you find the perfect wall color, and you still find the trim to be brighter than you'd like, you could consider a creamier white, or off white.

Looking forward to seeing photo of the finished room!

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