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Do you ship spray paint to Canada?

I have two cast iron antique radiators I would like to spray paint Benjamin Moore's historical "Concord Ivory". Any advice on paint and shipping charges/shipping time to Newfoundland, Canada? Many thanks.

We do ship spray paint to Canada. We currently offer a $15 flat rate fee to ship anything to Canada. The special flat rate ships on Mondays - orders are grouped together - that is why we can offer such a low rate. If you order Monday morning we may be able to ship it the same day.

You can order your color from this page:
Click “Select Paint” and scroll down to the spray paint section.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Can you please advise on which specific paint (formula/finish?) would work best for the cast iron radiators and approximately how much paint I would need to paint two rads 24" x 25" in size.

Either of the three finishes: low lustre, semi-gloss or high-gloss would work perfectly well. The choice really depends on your personal preference on how shiny you want it to look. That said, I would think the low lustre would be more appropriate for antique cast iron radiators.
Each spray will cover about 25 square feet for one coat (depending on how you apply it). I think one can would be enough for each, but I would recommend getting the 4-pack. This way you know you'll have enough and the cost isn't much more than buying 2 individual cans.

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