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trying to match this color

Our office is painted in High Hide White and we are trying to match it for a logo we want to hang. We want the background to match the wall so the letters will have a floating effect. Can't seem to match the color exactly. Do you have any ideas? Can you share the color setting for Paintshop?

Thanks, Chuck

Match of Behr™ 1051 High Hide White * Match of Behr™ 1051 High Hide White *

Can the paint store where you bought the paint match the color via computer? If not, see if you can get the formula, IF there is one. If you can't, view the white paint swatches for ALL paint makers until you find one that looks close. Get someone who is very good at picking and matching colors to determine what addition or changes might be made to make the color match. The other option, of course, is to repaint the other walls to match your new color.

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