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scanning color from phone

Does Your site have the ability to determine a paint color from a cell phone picture

Unfortunately paint colors from photographs are not accurate.We can determine a color, but the chance that is the same color as the original is very low.

I am told by the large home improvement stores like Lowes, and home depot that I can not buy exterior Oil base paints, but I was able find a smaller hardware store that stooks the exterior oil base paint with primer, my question is can I apply this paint over non peel paint that I am not sure if it is oil base or water base without sanding

most exterior oil base paints disappeared years ago with the changes in environmental laws.
Typically oil-bases products can be applied over either water-based or oil-based paints, so you should be fine in either case. I wouldn't apply it without sanding though. You just increase your chances of it peeling. Sanding the surface gives it porosity and something for the new coat to adhere to and is typically a very good idea.

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