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Color Association of the United States

I have a project that is a little more "scientific" than interior design. I need to match the exact color of 80108 and 80075 from the 10th edition of the Standard Color Reference ( I want to avoid matching by eye to ensure accuracy as much as possible. What information would I need from them to be able to match those colors in paint? What information/advice could you give me about matching those colors? Are there any paints that you could match right away just by looking (in case it is not possible to match any other way)?

Thanks for the question. The Color Association of the United States is a member organization that provides color forecasting, and consulting to their member clients and to the various visual industries. The Standard Color Reference you've mentioned allows industry to purchase color samples from the chart, as silk swatches to match for product development. It is my understanding that they do not provide a color formula to match their colors, but you might want to contact the directly to confirm that.

Without being a subscribing member of the Association, my suggestion is that your best option may be visual matching of the colors you've mentioned which are their "Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue."

It's difficult to pinpoint a match using the small swatch at the link you've provided, but my first suggestion at a match for you to sample would be:

Match of Ralph Lauren Anthem Red

Match of Ralph Lauren Tournament

I'm unsure of your end-use of the colors, but I'd suggest sampling the colors in the environment or on the final product you're considering. Also, another tip is to look at the paint color names, as often they have a similar theme to the original color you're trying to match.

Hope this answers a few of your questions. I would contact the Color Association directly if you have questions about their colors in particular.

Thanks so much,



Thank you! I appreciate your thorough answer and I will contact them directly (without trying to incur the cost of a $400 book). :)

If you can mail us samples we can match them exactly into any type of paint you would like (including spray paint).

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