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Color to go with Grey Horse and Amherst gray

I am looking for a blue/gray/green color for my dining room to go with BM Gray Horse and BM Amherst Gray. Attached are Pictures of my kitchen that is open to my dining room. Also the current color of the hallways is BM Camoflage, do you think that should be changed as well? Thanks Cheri Morgan

Thanks so much for the photos of your beautiful home! It's so helpful.

I'd be happy to suggest a few blue/gray/green colors for your dining room, so you can test them to see how they will work. You didn't specify if you wanted a darker gray like Amherst Gray, or something lighter, so I'll suggest both now.

The Camouflage is definitely more of an olive/gray green, so you once you choose your dining room color, you might want to consider something similar with a bit more blue, for the hall, or even the color you choose for the dining room may work in the hall.

Benjamin Moore Cool Breeze CSP-665

Benjamin Moore Silken Blue CSP-670

Benjamin Moore Atmospheric AF-500

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like more suggestions.


Thank you, I will check these colors out. What do you think of Benjamin Mooer Wales Gray, Smoke or Behr Pewter Tray with the existing colors that I have?


Hi Cheri,

Benjamin Moore Wales Gray was another color I was considering as a suggestion for you, as it has a hint of sage green.

Pewter Tray is a bit more of a pure silver/gray, without the color nuance.

I love Benjamin Moore Smoke, as well. It has a bit of a blue undertone, which could look great with your existing surfaces.

I think Smoke and/or Wales Gray would be worth sampling, too.


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