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Bursa beige marble floor

Hi, I'm looking for a neural/white? Color to go with my new flooring. It is through out the whole house. I did think of stowe white but it seems to take on a green tinge, please help :(

The Bursa Beige marble is gorgeous. Here are a few light and neutral colors to sample for your home. It's great that you tested the Stowe White, as colors can take on a different personality once on the walls.

Benjamin Moore Knitted Cape CSP-965

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC81

Benjamin Moore Brandy Cream OC-4

Benjamin Moore Misty Air OC-44

It's possible that the green tinge you're seeing is from the light coming in on the walls. Just a touch more color can often make a difference, so I've suggested light neutrals with a bit more color.

Hope this helps!

They seem very nice colors although a lot darker then I was hoping for. It's a beach house with lots of light north facing but a little dark facing south. We r on the ocean....southern end of Australia facing Antarctic although a long way away lol ( in Victoria) thank you so much thou but anything a little lighter?

They look a little darker on the computer screen than they do on the fan decks. A few are from the off-white collection, which is quite light. I'm going to take a look at a few more colors closer to white for you, and post them shortly. If you're on the ocean, that could be why you're getting a bit of a green tinge on the lighter color Stowe White, that you tried. Let me see what I can find for you.

Here are few more colors. These are almost white, though they may appear darker on your monitor, so you'll want to sample the colors.

Benjamin Moore Cream Cloak OC-135

Benjamin Moore Opaline OC-33

Benjamin Moore Marble White OC-34

Hope this is helpful!

Oh thanks so much Diana, yes I love the marble white the best and I will get a sample. Thanks for all your research much appreciated.

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