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Kitchen color

Hi, can anyone tell me if I could choose the sample color for my kitchen as the walls? The walls are Stowe white. The trims are nature white. I was thinking of a kick board of new Barron? Please help

Sorry I mean the same color for kitchen as walls or should I introduce another color? I do like neural colors best. Any ideas?

Because of the counter top and cabinet colors in a kitchen, it's usually a great place to add more color on the walls. If I understand correctly, you have Stowe White in the other areas of the house, and are considering something different, but neutral, in the kitchen? And are you considering a different color for the kick board, or would this be in addition to the new kitchen wall color you're considering?

If you have photos of the kitchen to upload here, that would be great. Or can you tell me more about the cabinets and counters in there? I'd be happy to suggest some nice neutrals to test in there that could work with the trim color and the Stowe White.


Thanks Diana, we haven't chosen the bench top yet. It will be a complete new kitchen. I'm thinking of painting the walls Stowe white as it seems the only color that goes with our marble beige floor. So I was wondering would u use the same color for the kitchen cabinets??????


Okay, now I do understand the question better -- thanks! I would probably not paint the cabinets the same color as the walls. Have you considered white cabinets? That would be a beautiful, and classic, look. I would most likely choose a white similar to the trim color in the room, so it would contrast slightly with the Stowe White and the marble floors.

Hope this helps,

Yes, that helps so much,
thank you Diana
Ps sorry about the confusion, color always does that to me lol

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