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Beach House woes click on rental photos to the right I am interested in a color that woulkd work in this seas of red. The room I want to change is the pic of the room with the fireplace/TV Don't know which direction to go due to the wood ceilings being a golden tone. Any blues, greesn or yellows that would look good? Please advise!

Totally gorgeous beach house! Thanks so much for sharing the photos -- it's truly helps.

I'm a fan of keeping colors as neutral as possible when your home has great views, so I think that your instincts are correct in trying to find a non-red color for that room, but one that still works with the red in the house.

With the wood ceilings, and with the other red in the house, I'm leaning toward neutral greens or blue/grays that would look amazing with the white trim and ocean view. I would not choose a yellow in there, because of the ceiling which is already throwing a lot of yellow/gold in the room. Here are some ideas to consider and test. Sometimes seeing the initial suggestions can help you narrow down your choices. I wasn't sure how dark you wanted the color to be, so I've included a variety. (Every computer monitor is a bit different, so you'll want to test the colors before committing to them.)

Benjamin Moore Butter Cookie CSP-995

Benjamin Moore Smoke 2122-40

Benjamin Moore Camouflage 2143-40

Benjamin Moore Cool Breeze CSP-665

Hope this is helpful to get you started!


I like the Smoke

and cool breeze colors. I wonder if the existing furniture can still be used with those colors?

Yes, I felt as though the colors I chose would work with the existing furniture. They are ethereal enough to work with the red upholstered furniture. Once you test the colors, you'll get a feeling for how it looks with the furniture. With the Smoke color, I was inspired by those gray and weathered beach cottages, with the red doors, and white picket fences. Both colors you liked can cool off the reds and yellows in there, but not try to compete with the blue outside from the sky and water.


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