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I have chosen Dorian Gray by C2 for my hallways up and downstairs. Dorian, depending on the light gives off green, gray or light blue color, it is beautiful. The hallway works itself into an open kitchen and I did not want to use Dorian in the kitchen as has too much color and the granite in my kitchen is Ubatuba (dark green) with a mustard yellow back splash and my cabinets are birch ( tan). I am trying to keep my colors beachy and cool. I do not want warmth. I Choose white dove for the kitchen and they put it up yesterday and because my room gets so much light it looks bright white in light and "warm" at night. I have to change the color and the painter is giving me a day to do it. I want to stay cool and not have a lot of color at all as I have 4 open rooms on the first floor and I don't want a rainbow effect. I am hoping to get a recommendation for something cool and very neutral that wont clash with the Ubatuba and birch and mustard colored backsplash. I also have to pick out a new color for the family room which is open and part of the kitchen and I am hoping to use the same color. I am using a true clear bright white for the moldings. Can anyone give me some suggestions?


I know that your question is time-sensitive, so I'll give you a few ideas to test for your kitchen.

I think that maybe something with just a touch of color would work for you.

Benjamin Moore Limesickle 2145-50

Benjamin Moore Strand of Pearls CSP-395

Benjamin Moore Plast of Paris CSP-185

All of these colors are neutral, but not white. They have a touch of gray/green, but also should be warm enough for the mustard yellow backsplash. You'll want to test them out to see how the light works with them.

Hope this is helpful!


thank you....heading to the paint stoe now!!! This is terrific, I really appreciate it!

Jenna, Please don't forget you can get your paint directly from
MyPerfectColor as well. Thanks!

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