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Grey roof...stucko color?

We have a grey shingled roof and we need to paint our stucko, which is currently white and stained. The exterior of our home also has some wood areas hitch are currently a faded blue...blaaa!
What 2 colors would you suggest or should we paint the wood and stucko all the same color? Any suggestions or ideas would be great!
Thank you!

Do you have any color preferences? Are the color combos you've seen on other houses that you like? Or do you have colors you'd like to avoid? I'd be happy to suggest a few paint combos for you.

It's really your choice as to whether or not to match the paint and wood, though I like the look of different, but coordinating, colors. Also, if you have a jpeg photo of the home, that would be very helpful.

Looking forward to assisting you!


I love darker colors and love the look of earth tones on homes. I tried to add a picure but it wouldn't allow me to for some reason, I will try again because I think it will help!!
We also have a dark blue fence that will be painted aswell.
Thank You!!!!

when i try to add image it says: Error:only images allowed

I'm so sorry that you're having difficulties with the image upload. The system should accept jpeg images for upload. If you are still unable to upload the photo, you can send it to, and they can email it to me directly. Sorry for the complications.

Look forward to seeing your home, so that I can give you color suggestions.


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