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Exterior Color Scheme


Looking to update our 80's ranch that has an unnecessary "faux french chalet" look to it. We are staying with a dark brown for the base color, and see two options for the stucco:

paint it a contrasting color, leaving the beams brown or

paint stucco and beams one contrasting color, to minimize the chalet look.

The brick has orange, brown, grey and white in it. The roof has browns and a bit of gray as well.

We will be using a BM solid color stain and I need to have colors to the painter soon...thanks in advance!

I am trying to add a picture, but it won't let me. Hmmm.

For the brown, I like Hearthstone Brown, if that helps at all. It is most similar to what we have going on right now. Looking for good contrasting colors?

I'm sorry you're unable to upload the photo, it would be helpful to see the architecture of your home. Love Hearthstone Brown. Without seeing your home, I would steer clear of anything with a yellow or gold to it, to minimize that chalet look. I think that you could definitely go either way with the beams/stucco as far as to whether or not to match them. You could also choose a stucco color, then choose a darker version for the beams.

Without seeing your home, I'd suggest these colors to sample for your stucco color (then decide if you'll keep the beams brown, or go for a darker version of the stucco for the beams.)

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt CSP-95

Benjamin Moore November Skies 2128-50

Benjamin Moore Plantation CSP-820

Benjamin Moore Butter Cookie CSP-995

Hope this is helpful to get you started in choosing the colors.


I wish I could load a picture for you. When I try to upload, it says "error: only images allowed." Strange. Thanks for the starting point!

To help you match the brick, the colors blend really well with the 2161 color strip. Would yellow squash (2161-50) look alright? Or, do you pick a completely different color altogether?

Hi, I'm not sure why your image won't load if it's a jpeg.

Okay, I've taken a look at Benjamin Moore Yellow Squash, thanks for the reference. Looking at that color strip, it could be a bit orange with the dark brown. You'll want to test that for sure. I would also suggest Benjamin Moore Arizona Tan 2162 as it's close to Yellow Squash, but may have a bit less orange/peach to it.


Yes, I like that suggestion, because I too was thinking Yellow Squash was too peachy. The picture is indeed a .jpeg, but still get the error message. I could email it to you?

So sorry about the photo issue -- could be the size. You can send the photo to the support email address, and they should be able to forward it to me.


Hello again, I've received your photos, thank you! Love your house! I really have always enjoyed ranch style homes.

I can see exactly what you're describing with the faux chateau look. As long as you have a yellow/gold on the body of the house, with the dark brown trim, it will look that way. If you'd like to pay down the trim, to neutralize the architectural elements, then you'll want to paint the stucco in a color close to the trim. If you chose to keep the trim a dark brown, then I'd choose a gray/medium brown for the stucco. I also love the look of a dark gray trim, with a rich gray stucco next to it. If you like the lighter look of the Arizona Tan, then perhaps you'd want to try a lighter brown than you have now, though I think just changing from the yellow would help a a lot.

Here are a few color combos to consider, as you choose colors to sample:

Benjamin Moore Rainstorm CSP-50

and Benjamin Moore City Shadow CSP-60

If you'd like to keep the trim in the dark brown, here are some medium brown colors to sample for the stucco, to soften the architecture:

Benjamin Moore Davenport Tan HC-76

Benjamin Moore Quietude CSP-230

Benjamin Moore Rocky Beach CSP-190

And if you go with the Benjamin Moore Arizona Tan 2162-50

Then you might consider a lighter look for the trim:
Benjamin Moore Warm Tan 2162-30

I hope these color ideas are helpful to you. Your brick and roof area will look good with any neutral scheme you choose.

Thank you for your questions,

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