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Color Scheme

after weeks of racking my brain trying to learn color theory i'm about to give up and throw in the towel. how utterly frustrating!

from my front door you can view 4 rooms 1 LR 2 Hallway 3 Kitchen/Open Bar 4 Dining Room with Nook area and 3 windows in the distance all from the front entry way view...a beautiful open floor plan with Bad Color...

i'm desperate to learn how to pull all my rooms together and make them blend...with possibly the Kitchen being the focal point since it's situated in the center of the living space.

I love color and lots of it but it's important to make the feeling rich and inviting sortal like eating a decadent dessert and sipping tea in front a fire. I love rich tones like purple and yellow but i also like raspberries and pops of color in every room alternating to pull it together. I like to be able to change accent colors (pillows etc.) on occasion, especially when the seasons change.

my furniture is a plum settee in the dining and a rich chocolate leather sofa with red undertones. I like clean lines and minimal wall art and furniture.

can u please help me in this dilemma? i've read articles for weeks and i just want to make my walls happy...and me too :)

Hello! I hope that I can help you in your dilemma. Sometimes it seems the more we read, and the more colors we look at, it gets harder to choose. If it's possible, please share a photo from that front door view, so I can get a feeling for the space.

I think I have a grasp of the vibe and the colors you're describing. I can definitely make some suggestions based on your description so far. Based on your description, without seeing the space, I would most likely suggest only one or two colors for the four rooms, with perhaps the kitchen being the second color. Because you like to change accessories out when inspiration strikes you, and your color tastes are rich, the simplest way to unify things is to choose one or two colors. In each room, the color would look a bit different because of the lighting would be different, so you would still get that unique look in each room, without having to coordinate many colors. If the color you chose as your unifying color was a bit darker, you could always order the hallway paint in a slightly lighter version if the hall has no windows.

It sounds as if you have wonderful style instincts, and could really achieve your color goals by simplifying this. I'm not sure what colors you have been considering, but my first instinct would be to go with a rich gold, or even a contemporary green. You could also consider a rich neutral beige, but I'd go toward a warmer version of this. This would create a beautiful and unified setting for the plum settee, and chocolate leather sofa. Because your furnishings and accessories have the colors you love, the paint can be a backdrop for them.

Here are a few color ideas that came to mind. They might look similar on your computer screen, but they each have their own nuance. So it's best to sample the paints you're considering.

Benjamin Moore Warm

i'm not too certain how to properly distribute all the colors in a color scheme/pallette for my space and since i have no trim to paint how then would i balance these colors? there are 1 or 2 slight wall variations but that's it...and the walls in the kitchen could be emphasized but that covers when you say 1 or 2 colors in an open floor plan..i agree but somehow feel cheated out of being able to use all the awesome colors in a pallette...getting excited Diane :)

Hoping that you were able to see my entire response, with the colors I suggested, as it's cut off in the message thread now. I had suggested fewer colors, since you you can see everything when you first walk in. Sounds like you have some wonderful colors already going in your furniture and accessories. Have you considered accent walls? That would be a great way to add a more dramatic color to the rooms, and still keeping a cohesive look. Let me know if you'd like to explore that, and I can suggest something for you.

hi diane...yes, would love an accent wall in, i didn't see the colors you suggested and was wondering if they did get cut off...i love your ideas of keeping the color flowing through out the space and unified but i am aiming for it to give a feeling of richness...i sent several pics of my space ... did u get them? also, what to color the kitchen would love to have it blend with the counter top and thru out the rest of the rooms with spashes of color complimenting it....let me know when u view the pics and thanks ... excited in asheville

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