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Help with exterior paint combination

I'm trying to select a body color that is not too yellow, not too boring brown and not too orange. I want something that stands out but is not dark and loud...I want "clean and nice". Not white. My pool in the back is navy blue terra cotta tile. I tried the paint strip for Wilminton Tan and Canbury (sp. All were too light, or too yellow or too orange. Any suggestoins?

I'd be happy to suggest colors for you to sample for your home. Thank you for the details, it really helps! I'll try to suggest colors that are less yellow/orange for you, that would also look great with the navy blue tile around the pool. I'm leaning toward clean khaki colors, or neutrals that have more presence, but aren't too heavy. But, I'll also include a few crisp neutrals for you.

Benjamin Moore Providence Olive HC-98

Benjamin Moore Quincy Tan HC-25

Benjamin Moore Crown Point Sand HC-90

Benjamin Moore Sail Cloth

Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque HC-26

Hope this is helpful!


Thank you! I have a couple of more queistions. If I chose to go the route of the Wilmington Tan or Ducantor Buff for the body with Putnam Ivory for the garage doors, what type of brown color or darker color could I use for the trip. Would this concept look good? If I chose to go the lighter route, do you think Adobe Beige would be good or too pink?

DIana - I have a couple of pictures I wanted to see if I could send and have you suggest a similar paint color. But the pictures are an image on a word document. How do I submit those type of files?

In regard to your question about the trim color, if you went with the Wilmington Tan, etc., scheme: A dark brown trim could work, but you'll want to choose a color that doesn't have too much red in it. A nice rich brown, something like:

Benjamin Moore Middlebury Brown HC-68
I am partial to white trim also with the lighter colors you've mentioned. It's really a personal preference on the trim color. If you can find some photos of homes with a dark trim and similar neutral colors, that would help you visualize it. The Benjamin Moore Adobe Beige is a nice warm neutral beige, that doesn't show a lot of pink. It would be a good color to test, as well.

Benjamin Moore Adobe Beige AC-7

To upload photos here, you'll need to convert to jpegs. The simplest way is to take a "screen shot" and select the photos individually. You can find the easy instructions for that by searching online. The screen shot is usually saved as a jpeg, which can be uploaded here. Would love to see the photos if possible.

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