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paint and wood stain windows and trim oak

I am looking at the color combinations on this site, very nice. The house I just bought has oak wood trim, doors and windows all over. I am a white trim and rich wall color girl. I dont mind painting the trim with an accent or white color but I would like to leave the windows and doors as oak wood. my question will it look ok to paint the trim and walls a different color and leave the window and doors alone. Note the wallpaper is removed

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Hi, Thank you for the question and the photo. What a beautiful space!

I'm also a huge fan of white trime with a rich wall color -- that's such a classic look. The question as to whether or not to paint the trim white and leave the doors and windows in wood, is a personal preference. It seems that it really comes down to the look you like. But doing it that way is certainly not out of the ordinary, it's really a matter of taste. Some people paint the trim, and the door jambs, and decide later to either replace the windows and doors in white, or paint that white later. It really does leave it up to your preference.

I did find a great photo to share with you, of a home that did just that: painted the trim white, and left the doors in their natural state. I think it looks pretty great, and I've heard that this is a growing trend.

Hope this is helpful for you. Please share the 'after' photos here, I'd love to see them.


Oh....thank you so much for sharing the photo. I love the look in the picture. I was going that direction put it is hard to decide without seeing it. Thank you so......MUCH. I will share photos when it is done....all 7,000 sq ft. ITS A BIG PROJECT, LOL.

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