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Ceiling change color

Hi before I finish the can I just got I have a question. I had less than a quart of paint from when I painted my ceiling last month. Yesterday I mix some of the new paint i received with the old paint same color. When I went over a spot that need painting the color look different on the ceiling same color put a hint darker .

What could have happen maybe I should have stirred the paint more or could it be just the new coat is giving a deeper color to the ceiling .

Without looking at it we can't know for certain, but I'd guess you are probably seeing the normal variation inherent in paint. But it could just be the additional coat, it could be the applicator (if different than what you used the first time) since it would create a different texture.

Thank you I thinking maybe it is the additional coat. And the only thing different could be i normal use my rollers from Home depot but this time i use one from my local hardware store.

Thanks again

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