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Exterior paint

We bought a split level that we want to paint soon (see pic). The black door has been changed and painted high gloss black. Could anyone help me with a paint choice as our roof is brown with orange in it (kind of a rust color). Would like a gray but thinking will be too drab for this type of house. I'm also leaning toward a pretty sea blue??? I'm not interested in orange, yellow or red. I might put shutters, window boxes and a new garage door, etc.

Oh btw I live in the midwest so probably should't go to crazy with the sea blue.

Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your home! I'd be happy to suggest some paint color ideas for you. It's helpful to know the colors you'd like to avoid -- thanks. You'll want to test the colors before committing them to your home's exterior, as you'll want to see the in the light as it hits the exterior walls.

A nice blue would look wonderful with the black door, and the roof color. I will also suggest a blue/gray that might not be too drab for the home. Please reply if you'd like more suggestions, or if you have a darker or lighter color in mind.

Benjamin Moore Florida Keys Blue 2050-40

Benjamin Moore Ocean Air 2123-50

Benjamin Moore Passion Blue 2053-50

Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue HC-149
Hope this is helpful in narrowing down a color for you.


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