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need help with paint choice... would like an accent wall in the choc brown family (this will have a cherry sleigh bed on it... no window or trim on this wall -- it slants as its a cape) the remaining walls I would like beige (not yellowish or pink but in the brown family) and white trim (so many whites not sure which one will work.. would like to get a lite yellow quilt and white wooden blinds...will be getting new carpets as well..(no wall to wall) any suggestions ?

Thank you for your question! I can see that you've already thought about choosing a chocolate brown, instead of something with red undertones, as you have cherry wood on the sleigh bed.

Here are a few of my favorite chocolate browns that you may want to sample on the wall, all are Benjamin Moore:

Rockies Brown 2017-30

Kona AF-165

Barrista AF-175

For the beige/neutral color, these colors would look lovely with a chocolate brown (and a yellow quilt.) I agree about keeping the beige out of the yellow or pink range, but it's fine if it is a warm beige. You'll really want to try these colors in the space to ensure that they are perfect, as floors, outside light, etc., can affect that. Here are some of my favorite neutral beiges:

Grant Beige HC-83

Manchester Tan HC-81

Carrington Beige HC-93

I hope this is helpful to you in your search!


Thank you for the suggestions will be exploring them but still a white for the trim.. can you suggest any good white... I really like the kona and barrista and all the beige suggestions but at a loss with the white trim..

The good news is that you have some great choices in white paint for the trim color. But with so many choices, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are my favorites, that could work with the colors you're leaning toward. Once you choose your colors, you'll then want to sample the white trim with them, to be sure they fit nicely.

Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls OC-122

Benjamin Moore Moonlight White OC-125

Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Looking forward to hearing your final color choices! Hope you can share photos when everything is done.


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