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returning apartment back to white

Hello there. I have used myperfectcolor many times before, and have had great experiences with you every time. Basically, I was wondering if you could suggest what color to use to return my apartment back to white? I tried Behr's Self-Priming Interior Flat ULTRA PURE WHITE from Home Depot, because I liked that it was self-priming and because it had zero VOCs. I compared it to the little bit of original white that I had left on my walls, and the Ultra Pure White is too bright. The original white (the shade I need to mimic) looks quite a bit dirtier in comparison. I've read that the standard color for NYC apartments is often an "antique white." Don't know if that's true, but my original white does look like the type of white I usually see when I view other apartments. I didn't really want to tell my landlord that I am moving until I need to, so do you have any suggestions? I could try some samples from your website. Also, any suggestions for the wood trim that looks exactly like the original white but is a little glossier? Thanks very much in advance!

Thanks for the detail in your question. That really helps! The paint color you mentioned, "Antique White" is a warm white color. Below are colors that are considered standards for rentals. Sampling them in your apartment can help you find the closest match. These are all Benjamin Moore colors:

Antique White

Navajo White

Linen White

For the trim, once you find the perfect color you can order it in a semi gloss to sample, as well.

Hope this is helpful in your search!


Thanks so much, Diana! You are awesome!

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