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Crumb Cookie

Does it look yellow on walls? I do not get a lot of natural light. I do not want yellow

Match of Behr™ 720C-2 Chocolate Froth * Match of Behr™ 720C-2 Chocolate Froth *

I get a mix of lights in my house. Morning, afternoon, and none. Depending on the lighting, it can look like a pale, clay-ey bisque, to a earthy yellow-orange. I'd say it looks pretty yellow in general though. I really enjoy it and I'm not a yellow person.

Thank you for your answer. I have never had so much trouble picking colors until I decided to do all white in my house. Vista Swiss Coffee was my first choice, but it looks yellow in areas. I like the pale, clay-ey bisque!

We have Behr "Chocolate Froth" elsewhere in our house. It does not read chocolate or beige. It's not white, but it's a soft warm neutral. You can barely tell that we painted over the old "white"

Thank you. I'll check it out.

Hello Elaine,
The sample sized paints that My Perfect Color sells, are invaluable in deciding if a color will work in your room, and with your available light. Melbryn is right that Chocolate Froth is a great neutral, but you may want to consider testing it at home if you're concerned about how it would work with your lighting.

Hope that helps,

Thank you Diana

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