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Please Help! Worst day of my life!

I spent the whole week sanding and priming this room with walls in TERRIBLE condition. i finally got the walls decent and i spent my whole day painting a color which I THOUGHT had been flat paint BUT was apparently eggshell... i finally found your website which has a colormatch in flat pain. but does this mean i have to sand and prime again? because i am at my wits end and so tired. please help me!

Hi Alma, I feel your pain. It should be relatively easy to solve but you will need to paint another 1-2 coats of paint. If you use a very good quality paint, sanding won't be necessary. I would recommend the Benjamin Moore Aura paint in the matte finish [washable flat] (available in any color on MyPerfectColor). This paint bonds well to shiny surfaces. Before repainting you might want to live with your current paint for a day or two to make sure you don't like it. Eggshell typically isn't very shiny and you might like it. And if after a day or two you still don't like it, then just repaint. Good luck!

priming us also not necessary with the Aura.

Oh ok. Thanks so much!!!



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