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Need help picking exterior colors

It is time for us to paint and would like some advice on exterior colors. Notice there is red on the wood. We want to get awat from that color but are completely open to suggestions. The windows are all wood and are currently two tone.

I have a few suggestions for you, from Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection. That Collection seems to be a great spot to find colors that will look great on exteriors.

Benjamin Moore Henderson Buff HC 15

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray HC-86

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

Hope these are helpful to you. If you have a particular color idea in mind, I'd be happy to suggest more colors for you.

Thank you,




I do like these colors. Where would each go?

Where the color or colors would go, would be your preference. If you could upload a photo to this conversation, I could perhaps direct you. Any of the colors would be wonderful as the main color, then the other two could be accents. It's really up to how they'd look on your home.




Accidentally put my image in the post above and don't see how to remove it. Sorry.

Thank you so much for posting the photo -- it makes such a difference in helping you with color ideas. (don't worry about that other photo on the other comment thread; it's fine.)

Having seen the home, I'd like to suggest two more palettes, because the stone on your home is much warmer than I imagined.

For the red/wood area, I would try a contemporary green like Benjamin Moore Fresh Olive 2149-30 (you'll want to see the color chip for this, as the monitor makes it more brown than it really is.)

I would keep the shutters and light inner color on the windows, the same, and try a warm russet for the window trim like: Benjamin Moore Georgian Brick HC-50

If you would like to try the Kingsport Gray HC-86, for the wood area, then I would also keep the shutters and the light color the same on the windows, but try a smoky blue or green for the outer window area.

Benjamin Moore SeaStar 2123-30

Or Benjamin Moore Olive Moss 2147-20

The Hawthorn Yellow, which I previously mentioned, would be a great color for accents around the front porch area, perhaps a bench, or pottery. Either color scheme would with that. Of course you'll want to test the colors to see how they look, but hopefully this will point you in a good direction. Gorgeous house, by the way!


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