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Need help picking a second color

What color goes best with Fudgecircle 2004-9c?

I'd be happy to suggest a few colors for you. Can you please tell me how the second color is going to be used? And if you have an idea in mind (i.e. lighter, a particular color, or a decorating style.) If you have a photo of the room where the colors will be used, that would be great, too.


the cabinets are being painted the mohair, i have spray painted all the hardware with rust-oleum specialty metallic which is gold, if i painted the crown molding and the door that color would that be to much, gold really works well with the pinot, ps our washer and dryer is allmost the same color, pinot.

i want a lighter color because my living room is too dark. the second color will be for my dining room area. i tried to add a photo but only images are allowed.

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here is a picture part of my living room and the space i want to paint.

Hi Mjmarit,
I'm sorry that you were unable to upload your photo. Thank you for providing more info on your painting project.

Valspar Lovely Buff 3004-10C

Valspar Cake Batter 2007-8C

Valspar Honeysuckle Beige 3007-6A

I hope these colors are helpful! Any of them would look beautiful in a dining room.


Hi TimJ,
Can you please ask your question again in its own thread? That way I can answer your question, and and ask you any follow up questions.

You can use the "Post a Question or Comment" to the right of this thread.

Wow these colors are so pretty. I'm going to get samples to see which one looks best. Should I do a darker color in my kitchen ? I have light wood cabinets.

So glad that you liked the color ideas! Looking forward to hearing what you ultimately chose. The kitchen color is really a personal preference. Some people do like the look of darker paint with light cabinets.. or choosing a very light neutral. Depending on the wood of the cabinets. you'll want to choose a color that sets them off, as sometimes wood can be slightly yellow or orange by nature.

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