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I am trying to convert Kelly Moore paints to RAL numbers, which is the unique European color code I assume.
Whisper of white KM4017-1
palomino pony KM4020-1
wood, cushy suede, KM4022-2

I cannot find the Palomino Pony color. The others I can find. Can you check if that color can be converted?

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Hi, apparently that particular Kelly Moore color doesn't have a close match within RAL. That is why the system isn't finding a match for it. Can your conversion include the RAL D2 line of colors? If so, we can find the conversion manually for you. Just order another conversion of one of the ones you already know and email us at that you really want Palomino Pony converted to a RAL D2 color and we'll reply shortly with the conversion. FYI, the RAL D2 line of color contains over thousands of colors whereas the standard RAL only has 144 colors.

I'm trying to convert Benjamin Moore color Horizon OC-53 to and RAL number. Can you help me do that? Thanks in advance. Ed

Hi Ed. If you go to, you can purchase the conversion there. Thanks!

Hi Jason, it tells me there is no match? Perhaps I should contact support about RAL D@ ,like you mentioned above to FritsC?

Yes, you can do it that way too. Order the conversion and leave information i the notes and we'll do it manually. Otherwise, we can also provide the specific color you need in the actual paint. We can ship it anywhere in the world you need it. Would this help you?

I am trying to understand - when you sell a conversion - do you sell the table (or the right to use it) or do you sell one single transaction of number conversion.
to be specific - I would like to know what is the conversion of CW053W in RAL colours, and my architect (who screwed up and says he can do it only visually) needs to have such a conversion table in order to avoid problems in the future.
How can you help me ? and him ?

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