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bedroom/bathrrom color help

I am looking to paint my bedroom either a saybrook sage or aganthus green/weekend getaway. I'm now thinking weekend getaway is too dark for bedroom. The trim is cream and my bedding is a rust type color with some golds and light colors of green and teal in it. Bathroom has beige/light tan floors and countertop and cream trim too. Any suggestions? I like nuetrals, greens and blues. Maybe a nice teal for one or the other. I'd also be open to doing a neutral in bathroom and color in bedroom or vice versa. Any help is appreciated, we have to paint by next week!

The three colors you've mentioned are beautiful and neutral, but they do have quite a bit of gray in them, and may be darker than what you've envisioned for the room. If you can post a photo of the room and the bedding, that would be helpful.

Based on your description, I agree that a lighter color toward a green or teal, could give you the look you're after. I'm also going to suggest a few neutrals for you. It's really a personal preference on which room gets which color. The key is testing the colors with a tester board like this: That way you can try out the colors you're considering, by moving them from room to room.

There is also two lighter gray/greens similar to the ones you've considered, that may work better if you decide to go that route.

Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green HC-141

Benjamin Moore Prescott Green HC-140

Benjamin Moore Pale Celery OC-116

Benjamin Moore Natural Cream OC-14

Benjamin Moore Leisure Green 2035-60

Benjamin Moore Sea Mist Green 2041-50

Please let me know if you have more questions, or need more help with color.
Have a great day!

thanks for all the suggestions. I went to the house yesterday and tried the greens against the tile and realized they didn't look as well as something that is teal but more on the blue side like beach glass BM, but not too blue. So now looking also at tranquility BM AF and wondering if Lake Victoria reads more blue than greeen, it's a similiar shade to seamist green. Thinking more neutral/tan/beige in bedroom and the blue/teal in bathroom. Bedroom has cream trim and faces south east. Furniture is darker brown, but not too dark. Not living there yet so I didn't take a pic. I loved your suggestions, liking natural cream but wondering if that would blend into the trim.
Also, have balanced beige in my hallways, Sherwin Williams #7037.
thanks again!

Hello again,
Glad that you were able to look at the colors in the home. Regarding the Natural Cream: if your trim is too close in color to that color, you might consider using Balanced Beige in the bedroom, if it's a color you like. Getting the right look with light neutrals like that, is all about how the light is in that particular room. I can suggest another neutral or two for you that might be might be more distinct against the trim color.

Benjamin Moore Lake Victoria does appear bluer than the Sea Mist. i would also suggest trying Benjamin Moore Waterfall 2050-50 It's one of my favorite paint colors, and has a nice balance of blue/green.

Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490, is a very soft neutral blue, with a hint of gray/green. It would be a nice transition color from the neutral bedroom.

Here are two more neutral colors for your consideration in the bedroom: Benjamin Moore Hot Spring Stones AC-31

Benjamin Moore Cotswald AF-150

Hope this is helpful!

thanks, I'm thinking of beach glass or mount saint anne for the bathroom, it gets a lot of light in there so maybe the darker shade. now I'm thinking of natural cream for my family room, it's adjacent to my kitchen which will be saybrook sage with cream cabinets but the family room is very much a dark wood and five large windows facing east. My couches are a light brown / dark green. I don't want to have the gray in the family room I'd like it to be warmer. So natural cream or some of the historical color buffs colors or a tan, any suggestions?

thanks again, very helpful

Glad to be of help! I love the look of Benjamin Moore's Natural Cream

You might also consider testing:

Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque OC-26 This color is a bit warmer.

Benjamin Moore Pittsfield Buff HC-24

or Benjamin Moore Muslin OC-12

All of these colors are neutral and light, with little gray.

Please let me know if you need more suggestions -- it sounds as if you're on the right track already!

Hi again! I'm still having a hard time finding a neutral, liked wheeling neutral but feel may be too dark, maybe carrington beige? Does muslin have pink undertones? Haven't tried monroe bisque yet and think I should to see if it would look good with quiet moments in the bathroom.
I picked Quiet Moments, BM for the master bathroom so now need to coordinate the adjoining bedroom. I could do beach glass in bedroom, will see after he paints today how it looks. Or need a good neutral or even a gray/greenish undertone to go with the quiet moments. My bedding has a rust looking base with teals and greens and gold in it. Bed skirt is gold'ish. Would nantucket gray or bennington gray go with it?
I appreciate your help and know its hard without seeing the space! I am a terrible decision maker and can't seem to do it but the painter is painting it by friday or saturday!

I have a few more suggestions for you to look at! I'm thinking that with the Beach Glass or Quiet Moments, you might want to go with a less beige neutral. Take a peek at these colors to see if they might work for you!

Benjamin Moore Misty Air OC-44

Benjamin Moore Ocean Air 2123-50

Benjamin Moore Summer Shower 2135-60

Benjamin Moore Ashwood OC-47

Let me know if we're getting closer!

i think the winner is going to be truffle or hillsborough beige, leaning more toward truffle! very warm

Oh that's a great choice! Either is lovely. Please come back and post photos when the rooms are painted!



Hi Diana,
I am looking for the perfect light blue color that blends with gray. This is for masterbedroom and master bath. I would like to do both rooms in same color. Bath will have marble (white/gray) counter/floor and shower wall tile. Thank you

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