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Apartment Bathroom color

I rent an apartment where I get a discounted rent to do some repairs for the owner. I'm currently redoing a lot in the bathroom from a plumbing leak. I need a good neutral color of paint for a rental apartment bathroom.

Laminate flooring is being replaced and the new flooring will be a light redwood laminate. The door trim is not being done and is a nice medium-dark redwood stained wood with matching stained door.

The apartment owner and I agree not to have a pure white, cotton white, or any other "bright" white coloring. The tub lining tiles will also be redone but after the painting but will most likely be a vanilla cream coloring.

Other additions being put into the bathroom are chrome and nickel-silver metal shelves and towel racks and also an above toilet metal storage cabinet in nickel silver.

personal additions will be a double shower curtain rod (chrome) with a red and black leopard print shower curtain with a black swag curtain. The bathroom window will be red curtained and matching black swag curtain as well. The shower/tub rug and contour rug will be matching the red with black leopard print shower curtain. The red and black leopard print set will be changed out every so often with a purple with black leopard print set.

What color of paint will be good for this bathroom? I just need to get a nice neutral color so that if I decide to move out, the paint will not need to be redone. I was thinking about some form of dusty white, peppered white or something on that line.

no images are available at this time, much of the bathroom is torn apart. I am replacing the drywall currently due to a plumbing leak damaged a lot of it.

Thank you for providing so much detail with you question -- it truly helps when suggesting paint colors for your project. The bathroom project, as you've described it, sounds like it will be stunning! I've selected a few Benjamin Moore paints colors for you to test in the space, to see which would work best. They each have more color than a 'bright white,' but are still neutral enough for a rental home.

Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker OC-1

Benjamin Moore Maritime White

Benjamin Moore Misty Air OC-44

Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9

Hope this is helpful!

Thanks for the suggestions. I am talking with the owner about the Maritime white and the Misty Air. I do think they will look great and are perfect for the project.

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