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mary lynn

i just had a room painted in affinity milk and honey with white crown molding and baseboard trim. i have chocolate travertine tiles on the floor. i need to know what color furniture I should be looking for. the room is an office/guest room and our condo is a open area, kitchen dining and office all with the chocolate travertine tile.

What a beautiful combination of color! The chocolate travertine must be stunning with your Milk and Honey paint. Do you have a photo available of the room, that you could post here? Photos really help in helping you find the perfect color.

Are you looking for color ideas for wood furniture in the room, or upholstered furniture and accessories? I'd be happy to suggest coordinating colors, depending on the type of furniture you need. .

I look forward to assisting you with this!

We are planning a corner desk and a sleeper sofa for overnight guests . And thank you for your quick response! The room is 14 x 11 with one wall being a 10 ft window , you can see that in one picture. The 3 lights hanging are over the kitchen island which is open to the office/guest area. As you can tell by the pictures renovation is still underway! The corner desk with be in the corner directly behind the sink area.

Hello again! Thank you for the extra details. I'm afraid I'm not seeing the photos you've mentioned. Is it posible for you to upload them again to this conversation, using the 'Add images' button above the 'comment' button? I'm looking forward to seeing them.
Thank you,

we are renovating a bedroom. One wall is almost all window facing west. The ceiling is pitched and will be pine with beams also clad in pine. The floor will be pine. The room, not big, will have a queen bed and also room for nighttables and comfortable chair.
I want to paint the walls a warm neutral color. Any suggestions -- given the pine on floor and ceiling and the warm afternoon sunlight?

Hi Diana,
It appears that the website is having some difficulties as it's not accepting the pictures. Perhaps I can email them, if you can give me an email address. Thank you,

I'll try from my mobile phone.

Hi jordinsgrandma, I'm sorry that you've been unable to share the photos. If you're unable to share via mobile phone, I will find a way to see those photos. Please let me know, and we'll try another way. Thanks so much for your patience.

Hi "renovover" I just saw your post in this thread for another paint color question. I would be happy to answer your question, and suggest colors for. Can you please re-ask your question in it's own thread, so that I can link to colors for you personally? I'd like to give your question it's own comment thread, in case you have follow up questions.
Please go to the Ask

It said 6 images would send with comment. I hit send and apparently it's still not working.

It said 6 images would send with comment. I hit send and apparently it's still not working.

I'm so sorry for the mixup. Please send the photos to my email address, and I will answer your questions here on the comment thread.
I will follow up with our site administrator tomorrow on the uploading issue, hopefully be able to post them.
Thank you, Diana

Hello! Thank you so much for getting the photos to me. The condo is wonderful, and I especially love the choices you made in flooring and countertops. Looking at the open concept rooms, and the cabinets you've chosen in there, I can suggest furniture and accent colors you might consider.

The space is so open with warm neutrals, that you could also choose a favorite piece of artwork and pull colors from that, as well.

Here are my thoughts on the decor colors. For wood furniture, I would look for a deep browns like "espresso" or cherry wood, as to not compete with your beautiful cabinets.

For upholstered items, and accessories, I've created a custom scheme for you here:

Please let me know if you have more questions. Thank you,

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