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wallpaper borders

Are wallpaper borders a thing of the past?I will be painting my livingroom and want to know if I should remove the border?

Wallpaper borders are still very popular. The question would be whether you're still happy with the border you have up. If it feels dated to you, then perhaps you can remove it and paint, or even choose a new design that suits you now.
If you'd like to post a photo of the border in your living room, I can suggest paint colors that may revitalize the wallpaper border, or give you other suggestions to find the look you want.
Thank you,

I have peach paint on my walls for at least 10 years.I'm feeling ilke its time to change.My question to you is I would like to do the room in a type of brown.I have one wall that is about 5 feet long that separates my livingroom and kitchen.I would like to do that wall in a lighter color.Your opinion?

That will be so refreshing to change those wall colors. Do you have colors in mind for the brown walls? I can suggest some brown colors if you'd like, especially if you can give me any idea of the style or mood you'd like for the room, and if there is a brown color you like already.

Are you painting the kitchen and the living room in the brown color? Or will the kitchen be another color that you'll tie in with the common wall?

If you can snap a photo of the room for me, that would be very helpful, as I can see the other colors in the rooms. Feel free to share as much detail as you'd like, so I can help you find your perfect colors.


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