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Martha Stewart Paint (was from Lowe's)

Three years ago when I purchased my house, I painted my open living room/dining room/kitchen Hemp Rope MS127 by Martha Stewart purchased at Lowe's. I did an accent wall and now want to cover it up, plus do some other touch up painting as I've remodeled the kitchen. I had some paint left in the can and took it into the store, but they said they could not fill it as they no longer had the formula in their system, even though the original can had the information on it. They did a "color match" and it does not match - it is more green and much darker.

So my question is, if I order a gallon of the paint from here, is it a "color match" again or is it the true color? Repainting the entire room is not an option.

Unfortunately, once a paint is discontinued we can no longer get the original paint directly from that brand. We do color matches of discontinued paints though and have had great success in the matching process. You can order a match of MS 127 in a small 16 oz mini-can size for only $4.99. Here is the link to the order page:
Wish I could still offer the original paint....but this is the next best thing! :)

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