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metallic glaze

I am painting Armstrong tintile ceiling panels. Base coat BM2110-20 Brown tar/double chocolat, I wanted to roller a gold metallic paint over the brown textured tiles to accent the tile pattern. With BM metallic glaze 620-10(gold) do I have to have a solid colour mix or can the metallic glaze go directly on the base brown? How much of a metallic gold finish will it actually provide? Is this product available in Canada & if so, what sizes?

Hi there....
Sounds like you are off to a great start with your ceiling tile and brown base color. You will have the glaze tinted to the gold color and can then apply the glaze directly over the brown base. How much metallic effect you have will depend on the thick you apply and how many coats. Maybe try painting a spare tile first and see how much glaze finish you prefer....always better to do a test run before you dive into the whole ceiling!
You may also want to consider a poly coat (either high gloss or low lustre) after the glaze is completely dry to protect your finish.
Would love to see some photos of the before and after - would be a great sharing experience for our readers!!
Best of luck!

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