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Hi--I'm painting over a rather elaborate stencil project from a few years ago. I'm happy with the pattern, but it's no longer the right color and it's too over the top. I'd like to put a light gray blue coat on top that might allow bits of the old pattern to remain visible, but lighten and brighten things with new fresher lighter color. Two questions: Is Silver Mist highly opaque? Is Silver Mist shimmery or 100% flat. Thanks. I only choose Aura for my projects!

Aura paints are wonderful; great choice! What you're describing for your wall sounds beautiful. The Benjamin Moore Silver Mist paint is available in several sheen choices, but all are opaque and each has its own level of reflectiveness.

If you you are interested in a less opaque look, or even a pearl or shimmer effect, you can find several specialty glazes from Benjamin Moore, here on MyPerfectColor

Hopefully the glaze products will provide inspiration for the project. There are many great resources for creating the look you want, but knowing that products are out there, is a great start.

I would love to see photos of the project. Feel free to upload photos of the current stencil wall, and of course 'after' photos.

I hope that I've been helpful,

Thank you Diana. I couldn't find the info w/o your help. Best, Elizabeth

oops. . .link does not work.

Hello again. Glad to help! Not sure why the link didn't take that time, but let's try this again: You can also find the page by searching "glaze" in the search box, and you'll see a "metallic glaze" listing toward the bottom of the page.

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