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I'm thinking of painting my bedroom Cool Aqua, either as accent wall or whole room. What color bedding would go best?

Benjamin Moore™ 2056-40 Cool Aqua Benjamin Moore™ 2056-40 Cool Aqua

I'd be happy to help with coordinating colors! Cool Aqua is gorgeous for a bedroom, or accent wall. Can you tell me what style you're envisioning for the bedroom? Any other detail about the room, or even a photo, would help me suggest colors to really show off that Cool Aqua.

Without knowing the look you're envisioning, I can offer the colors below that could work for the bedding. I'm linking to the paint colors to illustrate the color I have in mind. You'll see that you can go in a variety of directions with aqua, dependent upon your style. Please let me know if I can help find the perfect color for your style.

Benjamin Moore Southern Comfort2095-60

Benjamin Moore Kona AF-165

Benjamin Moore Handmade AF-325

Ralph Lauren - Primrose Border FL01B

Thank you for your response..I have another question, do I paint one wall in cool aquar or do I paint the whole room in cool aqua. My bedroom is larger. My style is more ecletic, I don't like things matchy matchy. Thanks!

That's a question I get a lot, especially with a vibrant color. Accent walls are wonderful to highlight architectural details, and in a bedroom to feature the headboard. If you choose the color as an accent, I always prefer to paint the other walls in something other than white, so it flows better.

When trying to decide on the accent wall vs. whole room, I often suggest trying the accent wall first (once you've tested the color in your room to see if it works as you expected.) If you paint the accent wall first, you will be able to see how it looks, live with it for a few days, then decide if you'd like the rest of the room in that color, instead of committing to the entire room at once.

Let me know if you have more questions, or please feel free to post photos.


My daughter decided on this color for an accent wall in her bedroom. We can not figure out what to paint the other walls though. What do you think would look good with this? I can't decide if a grey color would be ok or do I go with a lighter color in the same pallet?

Hi smccuddin,

Thank you for your question about Benjamin Moore Cool Aqua. Because this is such a vibrant color, you'll want to be sure to sample any colors you're considering, as the vibrant aqua can affect how the other color appears on adjacent walls, in addition to lighting and other factors that can affect color.

The right gray could be used to complement to this color, but it would be a very narrow list of grays that work well with aqua/teal, without it looking cold. If you'd like to consider a gray, I can suggest a few after comparing Benjamin Moore Cool Aqua with grays on my fan deck here in the office. It seems to be the grays with a touch of green that work the best.

Benjamin Moore Horizon Gray 2131-50

Benjamin Moore Titanium 2141-60

Benjamin Moore Gray Mirage 2142-50

For a similar color, I would suggest looking at the lightest color on the same color strip:

Here are a few colors that could be fun for the adjacent walls, depending upon your daughter's style.

Benjamin Moore Rainforest Dew 2146-50

Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green 2145-40

Benjamin Moore Sweet Salmon 2167-50

Benjamin Moore Pearl Harbor 2165=50

I hope this helps you find the perfect color,


I'd like to use Cool Aqua as an accent color in my bedroom. My main wall color is On the Rocks SW 7671. Would these go well together?

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